Für eine nuklearfreie Zukunft


Democracy Now has been reporting on Fukushima all week; their website on their coverage is well worth a visit. It includes coverage of growing protests against reactor restarts, interviews with Fukushima refugees, and much more. Note: some of the articles do not yet have full transcripts as of this morning, but they say they will be posted soon. And here’s Amy Goodman’s (Democracy Now host) personal take on lessons from their visit to Japan: Fukushima is an ongoing warning to the world on nuclear energy.

A lot of interesting articles on solar power today: One good reason no new nukes are needed in North Carolina: state now ranks #2 in solar capacity. Duke Power/Progress Energy already has cancelled its plans to build two new reactors at Shearon Harris, near Research Triangle, but hasn’t yet cancelled its proposed two Lee nuclear reactors. But with solar power taking off…

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